Our Story

Salamone's Pizza

Where I grew up in Brooklyn in the 1970’s, a great slice of pizza was easy to find. I have fond memories of walking along 86th Street with my Mom and my brother. Mom always treated us to pizza for lunch because it was quick and inexpensive. Those were great times and in a lot of ways, I wish I could go back. It didn’t matter where you stopped for lunch–all of the pizza was great. The hard-working shop owners took pride in serving a quality product because their name was on the door, just like mine is here.

Fast forward a few decades and here we are in beautiful Tacoma, WA. My wife and I have three children now and we love it here, but we really missed that unique New York Pizzeria experience. So, we’ve decided to bring that experience to you. Welcome to our authentic NY-Style Pizzeria. Come in and enjoy a few quick slices for lunch or stay longer and share a pie with your friends and family.

We’re so proud to offer our authentic NY-Style pizza to Tacoma and we hope you love pizza as much as we do!