Salamone's Pizza

Authentic New York Style Pizza 

by the Slice


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Come in and try our new Chef's Choice Pizza. It's different everyday and it's our chef's chance to be creative. Only $3.75 per slice.

DELIVERY STARTS MONDAY, DEC 3!! We will deliver within a 2-mile radius of our location as calculated by Google or Apple Maps. Delivery hours will be 11a-1p and 5p-8p and minimum orders for delivery are $20. Delivery will cost $2, unless you order more than $50 worth of pizza - then it's free!

WE HAVE BEER!! We have a select few beers you might find in a typical NY pizzeria, remaining loyal to our promise of authenticity!

Coming Soon... More Meats!! 

Coming Soon... Online Ordering

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Authentic NewYork Style Pizza by the Slice

Salamone's Pizza

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